Sunday, July 22, 2007

I know I can't.....I know I can't.....I know I can't

I LOVE train wrecks.

In the world of golf my favorite train wreck is named Sergio Garcia. I have actually taken to a fantasy golf league and for my own amusement I nickname each golfer based on certain characteristics. Sergio's nickname is Heimlich cause he's constantly choking.

British Open, 2007, 3 stroke lead for Sergio but what's this....a chicken bone....ooops....don't trip...ouch stumble and ahhhhh lost the tournament after holding a 3 stroke lead going into the final day.

Chug a chug a...chewwwww chewwww...BAMMMMMM. Heimlich always delivers the wreck and I love it.

editors note: I never had that much against this dude until he tried to show up Tiger in a major a few years back and failed to back it up (ie. he choked)


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