Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Jennifer Aniston

For the first subject of one of my frequent and many tirades I'd like to discuss Ms. Anniston. Obviously famous from her years spent as the 'hottest' of the Friends, clearly NOT famous as a result of wonderful productions including The Break-up, Friends with Money, Rumor Has It, Derailed, Bruce Almighty, The Good Girl, Picture Perfect......but I must admit I liked Along Came Polly (inspite of her) and Office Space is a CLASSIC (again, no thanks to her). Lets be honest though, her competition on Friends wasn't overwhelming...Cox turned disturbingly thin, while Kudrow always seemed to be the BIG friend. Not even the guys could hold their own.....LeBlanc was a gorilla, Schwimmer was a big doof and the best looking of the guys (in my opinion) Perry played the biggest dork of them all which made him just a loser (quite frankly I play a big dork but somehow manage to maintain attractiveness...but I digress).

So now Aniston wants to do a reunion. A Thanksgiving special. PLEASE Jennifer SPARE the world of watching (what now will be) mid 30s single New Yorkers act WHACKY trying to make a goddamn turkey. Wasnt that done already?

Isn't it clear why Brad left her. Just look at the photo. That dumb face says nothing exciting. NOTHING AT ALL. You think she's any fun to be around? I don't. Every picture of her has that same dumb boring look to her. She's not even trying to fake sexy. Its as if she is going for dull and she does it so well.


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