Monday, September 10, 2007

Attempt at Relevance: Lisa Marie Presley

Sometimes timing just works out for you and today was one of those days. I got home from my first day at a new job (more on that later) and turned the tv on and there is some singing going 4.....Oprah is on...."what is this" I'm thinking.

"Wait, there's Elvis...some tribute.....who's the chick singing with him?.....OH BOY....NO SHE DIDN'T?"

If you are Elvis' daughter a singing career should be a birth rite but somehow despite her genealogy AND despite the fact that she married the king of pop (which should be another auto placement into the top 10) Lisa Marie hasn't been able to make it. The only conclusion to be drawn is that she must be THAT horrible.

But why give up.....when you can't make it on your own why not just do a duet with famous daddy....Elvis himself......Ohhhhhh cause he's dead.....but this is 2007....why should one's placement in the earth deter someone? The magic of hollywood can overcome the dead.

So there she was singing "In the Ghetto" on Oprah. I have to actually admit I quite liked it. I knew the song from Taylor Hicks' rendition during his year of fame (well 6 months and done) on American Idol.

Lisa, if this doesn't work just stop....please just stop.



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