Thursday, October 25, 2007

Elevator Girl

Ummmmmm hey elevator girl....I DO NOT care why you decided to wear that Football Jersey today and I REALLY DO NOT care what jersey you intend to wear tomorrow. I also DO NOT care who the jersey's belong to, what you had to do to borrow them or what time last night you had to wash it to be ready for the day. I'm happy that the highlight of your week is that you are allowed to wear those Jersey's for two days. Ok....thats a stretch, I actually don't care about that either.

This took place two weeks ago in one of the other buildings I have to go to. It was clear at the time the girl took a shine to me on the spot and now every time I go to that building there is elevator girl....smiling at me, hoping I'm going to engage her in conversation. The 15 minutes of discussion on the jerseys was enough interaction for me pretty much for the rest of my life so STOP.



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