Thursday, October 25, 2007


Ok...its been awhile. I know that at least one reader is miffed but I have been truly busy.

First off......ok....30 days of sobriety became 6 days...I made it 6 and then slowed down a bit here and there but its been my birthday week so I'm back to hitting it a little harder than I should but I'll let up after Saturday to regain focus on becoming extremely wealthy.....I have too much riding on this not to focus.....ok maybe Sunday.

Best thing I've done at work is get an ipod docking station for my office. Music keeps me sane.

I road public transportation today for a brief period and that was enough. I have all these people at work, friends, etc who are constantly advising me the best way to get to work....park here and take the 38C bus, it drops you off right at the corner....park here and take the subway, its cheaper than parking and takes less time than sitting in traffic.....and on and on. Public Transportation is nasty. Nasty filthy. I was holding on to a pole and I could feel the filth seeping into my body. I could not wait to get to the office to wash my hands. Only reason I did this today was because I'm going out and have a ride home so didn't want to have my car because there will be beverages involved.....ALOT of beverages.

My biggest knock on public transportation comes back down to the fact that I don't want to sit amongst all the other drones schlepping to work. Seeing them all depressed with their miserable lives. Like a heard of cattle just sitting emotionless as they are carted to their barn.

Give me the solitude of my vehicle with my Sirius Satellite radio, plenty of traffic to delay my impending arrival and the freedom to touch myself (should I desire) any day.


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