Sunday, November 04, 2007

Real World Australia

I haven't had alot to say about Real World this season because there is nothing to say. This is the worst season ever.....hands down.

Every episode is the same: Someone flirts with a guy, Parisa then tries to butt in and steal the guys attention. Cohutta is a redneck from Georgia and somehow seems to be winning the affection of Kelly Anne but there isn't a world or galaxy where this is actually feasible. Dunbar is a loser and Isaac is a self proclaimed bad boy who does nothing bad. Then there are the twin has a pair of twins and the other doesn't....only way to tell them apart. They dont do anything interesting and now the twin WITH twins has gone home due to an ultimatum by her fiance. The only reason I keep watching is in hopes that the twin's twins will pop out.

Thats it...thats the entire show. Interesting huh?


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