Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I pity Mr. T

Ok, so I saw one of the first episodes of Mr. T's show. What a colossal mess this show is....good god. The premise of the show is that Mr. T comes into situations where individuals or groups need motivational help. They need a little spark to get themselves going.

So Mr. T is brought in by some trashy family that is headed by husband Frank. Frank's problem is that he has this old, crusty red recliner that he can't get his fat ass out of while the family does all the household stuff and other activities.

Mr. T to the rescue......his answer to this situation???? While the family is cooking dinner consisting of bacon and not sure what else (yes it was dinner, not breakfast), Mr. T walks Frank into the kitchen where the wife, daugther and son are cooking and getting dinner ready. Frank's new role? Sit in one of the bar stools at the kitchen island and flip some bacon. SIT and FLIP bacon....a real step up for Frank. After this miracle of movement, Mr. T arranges for Frank to head to some local arcade with the 20 year old daughter for a little skee ball and air hockey.....another miracle of movement for Frank, he was actually able to play skee ball and air hockey. This scene concludes with these three ridiculous grown ups sitting at some kid's table eating popsicles. NEXT, quality time with the wife.....Mr. T takes frank to the dance studio where the wife takes dance classes. Frank gets all dressed up, goes to the studio and SITS at some table watching his wife....."frank, come dance, frank give it a chance, oh frank come over here".....NOPE....Frank sits and watches. Frank drove in a car to a dance studio to WATCH his wife learn ballroom dancing, quite a miracle.

FINALLY, Frank brings the entire family to a baseball field to watch him burn the red chair. CMON, this was obvious from the start of the show as Mr. T was referring to it as his demon, his anchor, etc. It was clear this chair was going to get destroyed..

What a mess this show is. Stay tuned, another episode on tonight.


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