Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sir Paul

When you're a Beatle, have over a billion dollars and marry a one-legged bitch you'd think a pre-nup isn't an issue. Poor Paul lost his first love to cancer and then tried to find something special again but has been completely taken....by a one legged bitch none the less. It's almost unthinkable, the man....king Beatle.....run through the ringer but a ....ok, ok...I won't belabor the point about the one-legged bitch...but really....Paul, couldn't you get a two-legged chick??? You were the king Beatle baby.......get a girl with two legs for god's sake.

Silly Paul, I really can't imagine being worth over $1Billion and marrying a chick with one leg. Sorry to all you that might think I'm harsh but cmon....you all get it.


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