Thursday, October 19, 2006

As if we didnt know but this proves it

The women of Desperate Housewives are all horribly worn. They get WAAAAY too much recognition for being hot. Don't think I'm hating on old women....not at all...much to the contrary I am very much in favor of a hot MILF. I don't discriminate....old, young, race, hair color, whatever....I enjoy looking at hot women of all kinds. The fact is, these Desperate Househags aren't attractive in the least and this picture proves it. Now I should say that I think Eva is pretty nice but the rest of them are worn.

In all future references to Desperate Househags being hot there should be a disclaimer. Something like this: "Watch on sunday as the women of Hysteria Lane (whatever goddamn lane...remember I dont care....that seems too silly to be right) sizzle up the screen"**

**Disclaimer: All sizzling is a direct result of lighting and airbrushing. References to hot or sizzle are not intended to mislead the audience that these hags are really attractive with no makeup, airbrushing or normal person lighting.


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