Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Road Rules /Real World Challenge: The Duel

How lucky I was tonight to catch the premiere of the next season of RR/RW Challenge. This season has a few classic winners from prior seasons of challenges that should make things interesting.

First we have Wes.....he's pure comedy all the way. 10 minutes in and I"m amazed he hasn't done or said anything stupid yet but he worries.

Next, Nehemia....Wes' partner in crime from Austin.

Then Svetlana from the worst Real World season ever. She was a princess so I have no clue what she's going to do on these challenges where might need to sweat. She's gonna suffer.

Finally of note we have Beth. Beth was hated on the RW show, she's been hated by every challenge member, every season she is on but she just keeps coming back. She's like 40 now but keeps coming back to be hated. She never wins any money, she's completely soft at challenges but she insists on being there. Already her and Tina are in for some major fighting......(Tina's a very angry woman by the way). Beth thinks people are gunning for her because she's smart. NOO Beth, its because you are an annoying pain in the ass bitch.

We're just missing some standards like Mark, gay Dan, Timmy the Clown, do they leave out lovable twang voiced Theo, Ruthie, the always controversial does Coral not get on? and the "almost hated as much as Beth" Tonya.

Stay tuned....should be good.


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