Tuesday, October 17, 2006

You better cheer up......

Here's a picture of Charlie and Denise with their 2 daughters out spending a day together. How sweet....how nice the couple is getting along and trying to be good parents during a rough time. The kids need this I guess.....wait, who's the miserable, frumpy, flip-flop wearing bitch in the background???? OHHHH, that's just Brooke Mueller...Charlie's girlfriend. Well Brooke, seems you are an aspiring actress turned real estate agent returned actress. My guess is the actressing wasn't going so well so you got into real estate.....then you managed to snag Charlie at some hollywood party and decided to refocus on being an actress. You did 1 move in 1999, 2 in 2004 and then all of a sudden another in 2006.

Advice to Brooke: you better cheer the F*&K up and pretend you LOVE these little family outings (even with Denise) because based on how your career has gone thus far I think you need Mr. Sheen. Otherwise good luck with those condo sales in West Hollywood.


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