Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Crazy Ex Friend

I have a friend from high school that really doesnt get it. We are almost 20 years removed from high school and this dude knows things about me that I couldnt even possibly imagine. So here's the deal with this dude......he's an indian guy that I used in high school because he lived near, rode the bus with and was (sort of) friends with 2 girls I was interested with. He could feed me information about their desires to be with me. I was cool so he was just happy I talked with him and was glad to be used. I ended up dating each of the girls through 3 years and used him through the 3 years as I fought with them etc. He idolized me and that was clear. We NEVER hung out as friends.

With that all said.....after 15 years I'm in the airport and I hear my name being yelled out...I'm thinking "i know that voice..."...I'm looking but I dont see anyone I know, keep hearing the voice, nobody....this guy is walking toward me....OH MY GOD...its him...he's about 90 pounds heavier than he was before, he hugging me and he's telling me how its like fate we see each other.

This was two years ago and he's been calling me every 3 months trying to wrap me into some crazy business idea of his.

Today he calls......."hey man, I'm leaving for india for 5 weeks, gonna miss your birthday but wanted to wish you a happy birthday". WHAT.....HUH....how the HELL did he know my BDay??? Good god crazy....don't come back to my life. I couldnt even BEGIN to tell you when he was born.

Is this crazy or what?


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