Thursday, September 21, 2006

Crazy and Full of Herself

Didn't think I was referring to Rachel Ray did ya???....Everyone's sweetheart cook is she?

Not so much....I'm staying in my hotel room rather than going to work (what's the point really...I don't do much) anyway, I'm in my hotel and I get the pleasure of seeing Rachel Ray's new show. A few points:

1) Rachel is really a can see how full of herself she is.....she comes out for her intro and walks around at the beginning and says hello to a few people, shaking their hands. Thing is she says hi and shakes the persons hand but as the woman is saying hi in return and is shaking Rachel is already walking off completely disinterested.
2) Rachel screams.....she simply screams rather than talks. Don't they have microphones on that set??? I don't see Mama Oprah screaming.
3) Was it just coincidence that as Rachel says "and its a figure friendly recipe" the camera pans to two big chubbies in the audience? Why did they have to do that....not nice Rachel.
4) Rachel has the biggest meaty paws I have ever seen on a woman...nothing feminine about those hands.
5) Rachel is clearly trying to be a cross between Rosie and Emeril.....neither is working.
6) Rachel's little tweak on the "couch" or "desk" that each talk show host has???.....she has a kitchen table in the middle of the set and she sits in one of the chairs and faces the audience and then talks as if she's just hanging with a bunch of friends in the kitchen.

She was much better on her "$40 a day" show......"mmmm, thats good coffee".


Blogger Fashion Kitty said...

The View announced that Rachel Ray does not want children b/c her career is too good. Something tells me after this show she may want to re-think that before her eggs dry up.

9/23/2006 12:09 AM  

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