Sunday, September 17, 2006

Self Indulgent Dick of the week: Georgie

Of course I'm referring to George Clooney....who else would it be??? Ok it could have been anyone but this time is Georgie.

Recent star tracks photo in People shows Georgie solving the problems of Sudan. Once he solves this country's problems he'll move on to the heart of the middle east. He'll probably run for president and solve all world issues. What a jackass....thinks HE'S the answer. Just look at the nameplate.....if that doesn't scream ..."look at me world, I'm here" what does?

I knew this guy was trouble since Ocean's 12. "Hey, here's an idea....we cast Julia in the role of my gf who looks SO much like Julia Roberts that she'll act like Julia to get into the museum. Oh, my....aren't all of us stars grand....get it...Julia will play the part of 'dumb bitch gf' playing the part of Julia.....ahhhh only WE could pull this off". I got so pissed watching that shit it still boils my blood today.

Now I have to see Oceans 13 just to see what these assholes pull off next. Self indulgent Asshole.


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