Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Why so Damn Happy???

We all know John Travolta and Tom Cruise are nuts. Much has been written how these A Listers have gone off the deep end and really out there. I don't want to belabor that point because its clear, obvious and a waste of all our time.

But I did stumble upon a picture of Tom today and made me ask: WHY is it that every picture I see of these buffoons do they always have these dumb shit ass grins on their faces??? EVERY single picture you see of them they are waaaaayyyy to happy. What kind of meds are they feeding in L. Ron's house? Where can I get some of these happy pill or are they herbs? What? I want some. Look at John....not only does he have that big ass grin on his face but he actually looks lost and confused all the time too. I'm betting he's as dumb as they come.

If you need any proof that John is crazy you need to buy or rent the Oprah 20th anniversary DVD box set. Watch the Birthday show....John hosts it and he's a lunatic. That big dumb ass grin all the time. I'm sure Tom's antics on the couch are in there as well, I just haven't seen them yet. Nutcases!!!!!!!!!!!!


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