Saturday, September 02, 2006

Should have drowned your sorrows in celery

I caught the VMA's the other night...I'm not embarrassed to admit it. So here comes Jessie out on the stage in her little black dress. All I could do is shake my head. Has Jessie been drowning her sorrows because of the Nickster??? Too many trips to the freezer for ice cream??? No clue but she's definitely growing....not on me, I'm as sick of her as ever....she's just growing.

At the VMA's she was wearing a short black dress clearly trying to be slimming on top while putting all focus on the legs (clearly that sounds gay but whatever, I'm watching football and about to watch some porn....straight porn). Anyway, remind you of another pig I have grown tired of??? Can you say Mariah?? Mariah loves showing off her legs hoping nobody will notice the rest of that body drowing out of control (especially that damn fat fact....but I digress...this is about Jessie). On the Today show Friday morning Jessie pulled the same move. In fact she can always be seen in shorts or a short dress in attempt to draw eyes to her legs and away from that increasing gut and bust line. I commented while watching the VMAs "god her tits are getting huge and I don't mean in a good way....I'm talking old mom boobs".

Poor Jessie doesn't realize that getting old sucks. You aren't 22 anymore hon. That shit ain't just going to stay put and stay away and stay firm. It was pretty clear from her horrid MTV show that Jessie is a woman of leisure so I'm not sure I have much hope for her future. Her only asset was her body and now look at it. She's not making a living on that voice....maybe her and Mayer can get a new Newlywed series....perhaps thats actually what she's going for.

Anyway, I wonder who will be larger in 5 years: Jessie or Big Kim?


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