Friday, August 11, 2006

Steak or Clam Strips....mmmmm, what choices

So the other night I'm hanging out, feeling at little frisky come 11:00 and wanting some ice cream. Sure the state of mind caused the desire but thats beside the point. Question is where does one get ice cream at 11PM? Stone Cold Creamery web site.....CLOSED. McDonalds delish soft serve?...didn't feel like drive through and can't sit in a McDonalds....smell of grease in my beautiful new pretty green t-shirt.....I really don't think so...what would people say.

That left the local diner (basic idea above just to give you a true feel). Every diner has those crazy ass cheesy booklets filled with all their desserts and they pride themselves in the desserts because nobody should really be eating the steak. On to the diner we head and what do we find at the diner.......

We found a part of society that we all know exists yet we still view as if we are in some out-of-body experience. Are these people for real? Is this menu for real? What kind of place has both Steak AND Clam strips on the menu??? You don't find that at Morton's my friends. What kind of person eats clam strips? We considered ordering both the clam strips and the steak just to see what the hell they looked like at such a place....of course we couldn't actually do it. I refused to leave the diner until I found fried shrimp (NOT to eat, just's the point...if they have goddamn salmon they better damn have fried shrimp). I almost panicked because I thought I was doomed to live at the diner and then there it was....sitting out as one of the specialties of the house....but of course, how could I just not look there first.

By the way....the brownie sunday was the diner equivalent of Morton's delish Godiva cake (which apparently is free is you just claim its your bday and can get over the guilt of the lie). It sucked and the waiter apparently hated us because he brought the thing all melted after serving the 80 year old guy behind us his 11:30 hamburger and side salad with croutons (which apparently are more trashy than I actually realized).


Blogger Fashion Kitty said...

Croutons are the 'hot new' trashy in food accessories.

8/11/2006 12:16 PM  

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