Monday, August 07, 2006

Buffoon of the Day 8-8-07

I work with a guy who's a real buffoon. He watches the premiere of one of my most favorite shows ever...Flavor of Love (more on this topic later). Anyway, I missed it cause i wasn't around on Sunday when it debuted but he sees it....."hey, you see flavor last night"...."no, didnt see it, going to watch it tuesday, dont ruin it"....."I won't but this one part.....SPOILER". BUFFOON proceeds to tell me what I couldn't possibly ever envision happening on ANY television show. I still haven't seen it and I have no idea what its going to be like but he RUINED the moment I'm going to see Tues at 10. What he told me is SO amazing that telling me DEFINES spoiler.

That my friends is a pure idiot buffoon. Congrats goddamn spoiler moment of the freaking TV year douche ARE the buffoon of the day (by the way, he's going to be the buffoon of many days, I assure you).


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