Monday, August 07, 2006

Buffoon of the Day 8-7-07

I was traveling the highways as I frequently do.....(no I'm not a trucker but yes I am forced to live amongst these beasts.....its really amazing to me how they actually use an entire rest area sink as their personal hygiene groomery...anyway...)....I was traveling the highways and there is this one rest area I stop at to get coffee, take my first pee of the morning and try to reawaken myself before I fall off the side of the road. At this rest area you have to walk past the sinks and shit stalls and then through this little entranceway to enter an aisle of urinals on each side of the aisle.

There is one urinal that sits right at the entrance way. I have never ONCE thought of using it, nor have I ever seen anyone use it because it's right in the way. WELL, today someone was there. First view every guy has walking in is this buffoon's penis. Not only did I have to see the package I had to maneuver around him to get into the aisle to reach an upon urinal.

Congrats dumb urinal guy, you are the Buffoon of the day.

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