Wednesday, August 02, 2006

You get the sense that I enjoy poking fun of celebrities. I am in fact obsessed with pop culture. Not because I am dying to wear the same clothes as celebrities or SOOOO wish I could get to red carpet premieres and events and I certainly don't just live for opportunity to brush with pop culture greatness and maybe get an autograph or picture. Noooo, these are not the reasons for my obsession. I just find it fascinating to watch these people live so far removed from reality....complete buffoons. The things they do and say amaze me because no normal person can get away with these things and not be locked up......either prison or a mental institution.

Don't get me wrong....I'm clearly jealous. Who wouldn't want to be rich and not have to do anything for a living except get carted from trailer to set (or carried in Mariah's case) and fed like a king. I'm by not means heavy but I have a little belly from my drinking and eating habits. OF COURSE I'd love to have nothing else to do except meet with my personal trainer to keep this body tight for that someone special (ok, actually I hate working out....I like laying on the couch and she seems fine with it so why bother). Sure would be nice to have my own world though. They all seem to live in their own so why shouldn't I have mine??? Oh well....back to doing nothing in OUR world.


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