Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Was Luke Wilson ever that cool?

Cmon....Old School was great....He's got nothing else. Now we have My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Let's's really hard trying to get a guy to go see a chick flick to begin with but ummmm let's see....NO...we don't want to see "romantic comedies" about chicks we are trying to get rid of who have super powers and threaten us. Make us stay in a relationship??? Thats a NIGHTMARE....NOT a movie.....NOT entertainment....NOT something we find amusing. THAT's exactly what we fear and a standard BAD relationship. So Luke.....Good luck with the film. I won't be seeing it.

Oh and Uma......I really don't know...but think you've jumped the shark. Not that hot. Maybe ok but don't get any excitement thinking of you.


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