Friday, August 04, 2006

Church of Oprah

I'd like to start by saying that I do admire Oprah for coming from where she came from to become one of the wealthiest people in the world. For her to create an empire out of "touching people's souls" is quite a feat. That said, it doesn't mean she's not a complete whack job. The woman is a true lunatic and I eat up every second watching her.

She started with a talk show preying on the psyche of women....bashing men, diet problems, touching stories and the occasional celebrity interview. After quickly burning through every diet fad she could she had to change the wasn't about diets, it was about your inner soul. Its all about your inner soul people, you need to be happy with yourself and Mama Oprah is her to show you the way. This took her status from talk show diva to goddess stature guiding her church.

To me, she is the worlds preeminent Queen Buffoon (I say this knowing she has the power to have me killed). I'll never forget the episode I watched where a woman said she was down and out, she had nothing and little hope of pulling herself together so she bought an old pair of Oprah's shoes on Ebay and would stand in them every morning looking at herself in the mirror. They gave her power. They gave her the power to turn her life around but going to school for a degree (in something silly) at the tender young age of 42. 42???......gees, most people do this on their own without a pair of goddamn shoes before the age of 22.


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