Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Buffoon of the Day: Bitch with a Book

I'm not a good driver. In fact many people suggest I should never drive....drunk or sober..simply doesn't matter. I don't pay attention, I tend to look around, I drive fast, I tailgate....I have friends who take the keys from me even when I'm sober just because they don't want to be in the car with me when I"m driving. I'm just no good and I'm comfortable with that.

BUT, I don't READ while driving. This buffoon did. I'm talking full out reading. Book was open on the steering wheel, she was turning pages and occasionally would look up to see if she was in her lane or if there were traffic lights she should be concerned with. I'm not even kidding folks, she was staring down at the pages while driving. I looked over repeatedly to see how long it took her actually look up at the road. I don't mean she was reading while at a red light and I'm not saying she was reading a map or directions. She was reading a book.....a big, REAL book.

People talk about cell phones while driving, playing with the radio, or little things but READING? That's clearly over the line. Not only is it over the line for her but then you have people like me who are borderline unsafe on their own and now I have this buffoon to look at while I'm driving. So now you have TWO drivers side by side who simply aren't paying a damn bit of attention to the road. She's worried about the book and I'm worried about how crazy she must be.....or how good that book must be.

One final note: it's clearly no wonder that the panelling was torn off the right side of her car. That's what happens when you read and drive. She's better off doing shots and taking a jaunt in the country.


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