Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Actually Kristin that is SOOOO Wrong

I don't watch Leguna Beach at all. I once saw the intro to the show and it's all I needed to see to realize the show is completely stupid and not in the way that I actually enjoy stupidity that is worth mocking..... it seems just purely stupid. I saw a bunch of rich kids who weren't attractive yet thought they were all talking about how they were messing around with each other and liked each other but one was with the other yet they liked the other and it was clearly bed time for me. That's simply not reality in any form.

Since I don't watch the show I have no real clue who Kristin Cavallari is but she must be dumb. I recently saw a quote in a magazine (using the word loosely) where she said of Thin Nicky "I think that if Nicole's happy with her body, that's all that matters". Where do I start with this quote??? Ummmm...Kristin, does it matter at all that crazy thin Nicky obviously has an eating disorder? Does that matter at all? She is literally killing herself and there are bones visible. Does that matter? How about the fact that Thin Nicky obviously ISN'T happy with her body or she'd stop starving herself? How about the fact that she has an obvious illness? Does that matter?

Another fine example of a dumb famous person who should just not open their mouth. And thanks to this quote now I almost have to watch Laguna Beach to see how dumb these people really are. I can only assume it's too rich to pass.


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