Tuesday, September 12, 2006

One Short...Always One Short

So there I am this afternoon at the soup place. Waiter guy (I'm not even going to try and figure out his name......who cares and what's the point) points us to one of the 3 tables we sit at...."same?", we nod. Deal sealed, soup coming.

This time we notice a pattern that amazes us.....EVERY time we order we get 2 diet cokes and 2 glasses of water. He always brings them and drops of straws with the drinks. Nothing odd about that you'd think BUT he always pulls a handful of straws out of his waiter's apron (see pic) then he grabs four of them (2 for diet cokes, 2 for water), puts the rest of them in his apron, fumbles around with the four, drops one, gives us three and puts the 4th back in his apron. This has happened at least the last 8 weeks. Its amazing that it just keeps happening....what are the odds that he continues to drop 1 and then not realize he's only giving us 3?

And us.....we always end up 1 short.


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