Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Oh Not You Adam....why you

Perhaps I may offend a few of my readers...the 5 of you....but why does Adam Sandler have to make a movie pretending to be a gay fireman? I get that playing gay is sort of en vogue and funny and all but Adam Sandler????......How is that in any way believable. He's just a goddamn goof, not gay.

We should only see Adam playing himself as a moron, he does it well. Mr. Deeds was a cutish sort of funny type movie, I'm not going to kid you, I sort of liked it in a dumb way. But this is the type of role he should be playing. Just like Waterboy and Happy Gilmore, that's it. No other roles. Pretend to be gay fireman just to get benefits from a co-worker......why the hell doesn't he get the same benefits anyway? Whats all that about. He should be working on getting those same benefits his co-worker is eligible for, NOT acting gay.


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