Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hogan at his finest

Currently watching Hogan Knows Best. What a great episode. Hulk sends his daughter to their beach house so she can get away and get a little peace without being watched like a hawk. Well not so fast Brooke.......daddy starts off following you around in all Black and then he pays a pizza guy $50 to see if anyone is in the house other than Brooke and her friend....but then he complains to himself that Brooke shouldn't have let the guy in because he could have killed them but then he thanks the pizza guy for gathering the intel.....make up your mind Hulk. Complete lunatic.....well its all staged I assume so its not like he's really that crazy.

Next day he takes his boat out with some dude with long range microphones to listen in on Brooke at the beach house where she has managed to invite about 100 people from the beach to the house. There's daddy Hulkster, perched in his boat 50 feet off shore listening in....."did he just say he likes big butts???....I'll kill him".

Oh by the way.....remember Hulk's big yellow truck???? Not like Brooke is going to notice that sitting around outside. That's not obvious at all. Clearly no more obvious than the "AC Guy" who Hulk hired to spy on Brooke walking around with a walkie-talkie TALKING to Hulk just 10 feet away from the room where Brooke is hanging with her friend.

This show is fantastically staged. No chance in hell this is anyone's reality.


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