Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I completely believe Jenny

Jenny has told Oprah....yes she is one of Oprah's gal pals, she's the younger version of Julia for Mama O.....anyway, she told Oprah that she didn't get breast implants after rumors were flying that her breasts looked a little large....more speculation on the impacts of her breakup with Brad. She claims she just gained some weight and it all went to her breasts. She says she gained 10 pounds.

What's not to believe here. Do we SEE who she's hanging out with? I mean cmon.....as stated in a previous post, Double V is a goddamn gorilla. You don't think hanging out with this gorilla is going to cause some weight to be added??? She's lucky she hasn't gained 25 pounds but she might want to consider dumping ApeMan now before she does.

Real good move Jenny, have Brad dump you and move on to an Ape who's going to fatten you up and ruin you for all other men. Brilliant. As far as your career, you'll be able to play the fat chick from now on. And don't get me wrong, I think Double V is a tremendously funny person. I could watch Wedding Crashers every night and laugh but it doesn't mean I would want to cuddle up next to the Ape....freaking snorting in your face, all that hair on his back and arms, that big fat puffy ape face.....ohhhh how sexy.


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