Tuesday, October 17, 2006

We're all laughing AT you

Courtney, what don't you get??? Your husband is a goddamn moron, idiot, king-killer buffoon. You were one of the two "hot" chicks from Friends. You could have had ALOT of guys....Jenny got Brad for god's sake...for awhile anyway....now she has that Fat Sweaty Gorilla Vince...oh that'll make Brad jealous Jenny...he's cuddling up to Angelina and those awesome lips and a vision of you spooning with Vince is like a Mama Gorilla cuddling her young to keep them warm....all hairy and sweaty with meat hanging everywhere.....Oh god the thought...BUT I digress and this is about Courtney.

Courtney, you were ok the first few seasons, you were known as a hottie...not my type but I'm very selective and don't throw around HOT to anyone who makes it on TV. So you were there, ripe for grabbing anyone you could and then all of the sudden you became anorexic, lost all the womanly shape about you and started dating this FREAK. Now look at him....showing up to a movie premiere in a White Tux with "blood splotchings" and a "bullet wound". I'd love to be in the Arquette household when he's getting dressed....."oh honey, that's fabulous.....god you look great in that". Certainly that's not the conversation...I assume its more like "oh for the love of god, do you have to dress like that...I know you THINK your fans want to see what you'll be wearing but lets be honest, David, you have no fans and NOBODY is going to see this dumb movie anyway....can't you please put on this nice suit I bought you last week....PLEASE".

Really, aren't you embarassed? You can leave him you know? All hollywood couples part ways so why should you be any different....you REALLY have a reason.


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