Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dancing with the D Listers

Oh boy those producers of the Dancing with D-listers are so tricky. WHO saw that coming? Kicking off NOBODY? WOW....thats was so unforeseen. I mean they have the show scheduled for x number of weeks, they have advertisers all lined up, they lose someone unexpectedly (because her hubby likes porn and booze) and then they decided to keep everyone this week. Gees....who would have thought.

Jerry actually looked like he was in pain. He's well over this and clearly wants to get back to his trash show where he's comfy.

I think both Emmitt and Jerry Rice (last season) have clauses in their contracts that they are NOT allowed to be mocked in any way. The judges go completely goo-goo over these two. Emmitt is pretty good but he's not the next coming of Barishnikov (no I don't care if I can't spell it so keep that comment to yourself.....or go ahead and post...I'll take any comments these days)


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