Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Are you Freaking Kidding Me???

Hillarie, is what I think happening happening here? Just carry your own damn umbrella.
Doesn't that one arm thats free and just hanging there work?

Do you know how big of a bitch you look like right now? As is we didn't already know based on how you treated your ex-hubby but now this confirms it. I don't know why I let these things get to me but now I'm all riled up and pissed off.

How does this even happen??? Can you imagine the conversation here?? "Hillarie needed on set...hillarie to the set"...."ummm're gonna need to send someone over here to carry my umbrella"...." just need to walk 30 feet and its not even raining that hard"....."well I'm hillarie freaking Stank and I don't carry umbrellas, I could, could....well I don't know what could possibly happen but that's not the point....the point is I simply don't carry umbrellas"......"hmmm.....OK....I guess Mike will be right over to help you with that"...."mike, go help that bitch in her trailer....apparently she has some odd allergic reactions to umbrellas....bitch".

Oh and nice slippers.


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