Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jessie...what could you allow this?

Jessie, two problems I have with you today:

1) How could you allow this picture to get published in People magazine. You look like a wax drag queen. The lips are horrible, the eyes look frozen and your skin looks plastic.....add in the horrible June Cleaver haircut and dress and this is a disaster. This picture is SOOO bad that I can't take my eyes off of's the perfect train wreck of a picture that I'm forced to continue staring at out of disgust and amazement.

2) In the article attached to this disaster you mention that you knew your marriage was over when you went to Africa for some mercy mission and Nicky didn't join this before or after you slept with Bam, Knoxville and the cast of Jackass? That's when Nicky knew the marriage was over.

God, look at that smile....fake, joker, plastic looking smile. I really can't stop trying to figure it out.....just hit publish, just publish and you can be done...ok, really just do it....


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