Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dull ole Work

Work is pretty dull. I don't really have much to do and I've brought on two different groups to do the real work so I'm just managing them. Most of the people I deal with are extremely normal in a boring way......simply not much to write about.

I noted a few odd things yesterday though:

I had a meeting with a woman who had a big jar of candy, filled to the top that sat right in front of her office window with a book over the top as if to say "this is my candy, I'm letting you know I have this candy and you are NOT welcome to it". That was bizzare.

Then I had a meeting with another woman who had the reddest nose I have ever seen. She didn't seem sick so I don't think it was caused by a cold....I just think she has a red nose. I couldn't stop looking.

I had a meeting with a tech geek who would make the oddest jokes and then laugh at himself but when myself or my cohort would make a comment he would stiffen up and look at us as if we were aliens.

Brought on one new consultant who actually fell asleep in a meeting with our lead client. He's a big, quiet, slow guy....a bit on the older side...maybe mid 40s. He's like a big giant bear and there he was doing his impersonation of a hibernating bear.

Thats really as good as it gets at the new gig. Wish there was more cause I'm not even amused.



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