Friday, August 03, 2007


I'm wearing Pink today. Never have before but I sort of like it actually. Its not has hard as red but still some color.

I borrowed the shirt from a friend because my boss insisted I stay for a meeting today. Luckily my pal had an extra shirt or I would have gone to buy one. It probably would have been blue or white and I never would have known that I can be comfortable in Pink.

Little bit of joy in this miserable day which was supposed to be a nice day with Dan. Oh well, I'm sure my psychotic friend will call me 6 times to talk about our plan to amass great wealth. That'll keep me going.

Perhaps I should expand on him. More on him later but he is psychotic, he knows it, I've told him, he is comfortable in his psychosis and for some reason I have grown attached to it.......I think because I figure it takes someone as crazy as he actually is to make something big happen. Well off to ..........(I don't even know what to call this new place......speechless).



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