Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dancing with the D Listers

They're back......the D listers wishing for relevance. Another fun season of mockery and its promising to be a good one. I didnt catch all the dancers but I did catch a few.

Before I get to them......programming note...they got rid of the female co-host and replaced her with Drew Lachey. Bad move....he's more awkward than a gay man at a rodeo (a real rodeo with real cowboys). He fumbles over words...tries to be funny at wierd times....He doesn't work.

Some Cheetah girl (Sabrina Bryan) - she looks like the heavy slut in high school. The girl who had the pretty face and big body so she had to put out to be 'liked'.....so she did....and she was for a night at a time.

Marie Osmond - HOUSE....I don't care how old she is...she's a house. Jane Seymour is old too and she looks good.

Jenny Garth - doesn't look like Jenny Garth....ohhhhh thats right....she hasn't done anything in 20 years so how would I know what she should look like.

In the male department I only saw two: some male model that of course I hated so I'll leave it at that and Wayne Newton. Wayne is SOOOO stiff. This guy has been entertaining for 100 years....how can he be so stiff? Of course the judges didn't say anything because you can't insult Wayne Newton but he was B-A-D BAD.

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