Monday, September 10, 2007

What a mess

Its all been said today.....not sure what I can add but to agree that Britney Spears is clearly a mess. She looked like she was completely out of it on pain killers or something.

The obvious statement of "why the hell did she dress like that?" hardly needs to be said. You've had 2 kids and you are flabby ......either get yourself in shape or cover up.......SIMPLE.

It wasn't exactly how bad she looked that really got to me because once that shock hit you it was just a fact....she looked like shit. I was most appalled and drawn in by her complete look of confusion throughout the entire thing. She looked like she was lost....completely lost on stage. This then resulted in her barely moving. This is NOT the hip gyrating, sharp moving little slut we all knew and wanted.

I really do think she was high on pain killers. Her demeanor can best be explained this way.



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