Friday, October 05, 2007

Hip Hop Nation

Ok, I'm not exactly the stereotype of the person listening to hip hop but all of the sudden I'm tuned in to Hip Hop nation on a daily basis. I've always had a soft spot for the guilty pleasure of the sweet beats and dancing in my car and I've refound the love.

My favorite song at the moment is Kanye West's Stronger....heard it at a Football game and with a little help (thanks Kitty) I searched all Kanye's stuff and found the song. Today I was caught up in a little Overnight Celebrity by someone named Twista. Also took a shine to Low by Flo-Rida. Jury is still out on Timbaland but I sort of liked The Way I Are (that boy needs grammar lessons).

Is Jam On It by Newcleus still cool???? Heard that and started groving but figured I should change the channel.



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