Friday, October 26, 2007

Slipper Guy

I've been trying to figure out 'who' I can be at work. I want to be known for something. Something that everyone talks about......'have you seen that x guy yet.....what's with him...what a quack'. I first thought of being the annoying elevator guy.

This is the guy that talks loud in the elevator and gets into everyone's business.......'hey whats that....get a little lunch? what did you get? oh yeah, I haven't tried that is it any good.....ever have the chili....its ok but not spicy like chilli.....ok see you later..have a great day'.......'what do you got there? a book? what are you reading? oh, I dont know that book, who's the author? interesting, I don't know that know John Grisham....I love his stuff...I don't get to read a whole lot cause I'm really busy but I like Grisham when I do have a chance....I read that book The Firm a couple weeks suspense in that read it?"

I decided I couldn't pull off elevator guy because that requires me to be a people person and I don't want to get involved.

So today I'm in my office (yes, real office, 4 walls and a door.....I don't use office as a term for a cube.....sorry cube dwelling suckers) my meetings today....alot of work......I'm feeling confined by my shoes....claustrophobic even......kick off the shoes but then you have the whole 'shoes off' thing going on so my solution??? I'm going to be slipper guy. I'm going to bring slippers into the office. I'm going to kick it in slippers in the confines of my office.

I might even go further and bring in different size slippers for guests and request that each guest takes off their shoes and puts on a pair of slippers. I'll get some of that bowling alley spray stuff and clean each pair before I give them out.

Slippers come Monday (all day meeting on Friday, no point.



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