Friday, November 23, 2007

Real World Australia

Real World really is sort of priceless. I love watching Trisha....she makes the show worthwhile....the rest are a bunch of morons.

Dunbar should just nail that other girl. Get over this "love of your life Julie". Highlight of this week for Dunbar was him calling Julie....her calling him Dummy Bear and then him berating her. "Don't call me that...I'm not dumb and I'm not a bear.....I mean it....don't call me that....can you PLEASE just respect my wishes.....CAN YOU....MY WISHES.........FUCK Julie....its not that hard....just let this go.......if you don't let this go I have to hang up".....CLICK....Julie hangs up. Funny part of this is that Julie never actually said anything and had given it up pretty much after Dummy Bear asked her not to call him that the first time. In summary, Dummy Bear loves Julie because he seems to be able to smack her around.

Cuhotta once again contributed nothing to the show other than a sidebar 'Well, I don't know alot but I know dunbar loves Julie so I hope he doesn't do anything he regrets'. Thank you for your ongoing participation on the show.

New girl tried to seduce Dummy Bear. Kelly Anne did nothing.

Brings us to Parisa and Trisha. The reason I love Trisha is because she is such an arrogant, self centered, bitch and really has no clue. She thinks she is truly a wonderful, nice person. Its pure comedy every time she opens her mouth. She will say something that should be something "nice" but does it in such a way that she is quite the little bitch. This aggravates the hell out of Parisa who's only redeeming quality is that she is so annoying that it causes conflict with Trisha.

The big problem is that Trisha went too far this week and pushed Parisa so she could get removed from the house. Without her I have no idea how the rest of these morons can attempt to be interesting. If the producers are smart they'll let her stay.

Watching Dummy Bear dance with new girl and then saying 'I really would do you but I love Julie' just isn't that interesting for 30 minutes. Mixing in Cuhotta "I think KellyAnne is a swell girl and I don't know much but I know how a swell girl deserves to be treated" for an a small dose isn't going to help much.

Oh well...I'll be watching.

Sidenote: there was a commercial for "A shot of love with Tequila". How did I not get involved in this show. It seems priceless.

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