Tuesday, July 10, 2007

AOL's Weight Loss Guide

AOL's home page has 14 tips to easy weight loss without even trying. For all you people of larger proportions out there don't get too excited.....this is no weight loss program of any sort because as we all know such a thing...'lose weight without trying'....doesn't exist and never will.

Anyway the tips were pretty standard: drink more water, drink BIG bottles of water, sip green tea, dip bread in oil rather than butter

Some were sort of silly: chew gum, fidget, set the table while you talk on the phone (not sure why you burn more while talking on the phone but AOL must know), CHUNK your veges in your salad rather than shred cause you'll have to chew more.

See, none of these are weight loss methods they are methods to keep you metabolism as high as you can while you actually put off any true methods.

BUT......the one I really DID like.....the one that is FOOLPROOF: Eat in front of a mirror.

Now that truly is ingenious. For those of us who want to lose weight simply put mirrors all around the kitchen. I'd even go as far as to recommend eating naked in front of the mirror. You'd have to at least cut down on your portions if you sat there staring at yourself naked with a plateful of food.....bypass dessert??? Something would have to give.



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