Friday, June 29, 2007

Ian???? NO WAY

I recently saw that Ian Ziering was one of the front runners to replace Bob Barker. Are you shitting me? Didn't anyone get how creepy and wierd that guy was on dancing with the D Listers?

The others seem to be Mario Lopez and Drew Carey. Drew seems to be a natural sort of fit other than the fact that he is almost too natural and sort of expected.....surprise us with someone different.....let's move beyond Drew. Can't we just face he's jumped the shark and NOT try to get him back on star path?

Mario would sort of be charming and ok maybe but is he seasoned enough at something of that nature to handle that job?

Isn't there ANYONE else out there to handle this? I'm thinking I could do just as well as the clowns mentioned and I have NO experience. I could certainly play the part of sweet guy to all the morons with their dumb signs and stupid shirts.

Fuck it...where do I apply.

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