Friday, June 22, 2007

Made.... A Dancer

I happened to flip through channels this morning and caught Made on MTV. I was going to flip away and then thought.....why not indulge myself and see what the doof of the day is doing.....boy am I glad I decided to stay. So glad I then set my Tivo for a season pass to catch all episodes.

Today's espisode was a long haired, acne faced rocker kid who wanted to be a ballroom dancer. His Made coach set him up with two other girls from school as his potential partners. At one point Kid Rock has to decide but to add a wrinkle at the last minute the coach brings in some tall, almost pretty (prettier than the other two), trained dancer. Kid Rock has to decide between the tree of them now.

His thoughts on choosing: "I've never had to make a decision that impacted so many people". WHAT Kid Rock? The decision only impacts 4 people....MAYBE 5 if you count the coach. But it impacts 4 people and one of them (the trained dancer) doesn't even really care. THIS is the most people you have ever impacted in your life? DOOF.

Not sure if the producers of Made are onto the fact that everyone watching realizes the people are only doing the Made thing as a joke or to get on TV but in this episode they hit the mockery straight on. The coach goes to the school and asks Kid Rocks friends whether he is serious about the dancing thing. They make a big deal about it, Kid Rock says "no, I AM serious about this....I want this" but for some reason the coach still isn't convinced. Can you imagine that?

The only way the coach can be convinced is if Kid Rock cuts his hair.....BIG NO NO for the rockster. Won't do it.....NO WAY.

After a big dramatic scene Kid Rock decides he needs to show the coach he's serious so off to the salon he goes. His hair is practically down to his ass and he gets 4 inches cut off or something. Hey Kid.....YOUR HAIR IS STILL LONG. I don't think that counts. Buffoon.

So at the end of course he wins the competition. I'm not even sure that the producers don't stage an entire competition just for the sake of the show. I'm pretty sure that competition was never taking place until the MTV people said it would. Then sometimes the 'zero' (no hero) wins and sometimes they lose. Can't have everyone win can we.....might look shady.



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