Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Missing Boy Scout

Why did it take 4 days to find a kid a mile from the camp? In the movies those damn dogs track criminals 50 miles across state lines in less than 24 hours and it took the damn dogs 4 days to find a kid 1 mile away?

Clearly the movies are misrepresenting the power of those dogs OR the dogs had a cold. Maybe that was it....I hate to discount all tracking dogs just cause it took Gandalf a good 4 days.

Ohhh...and other point....when the dog does show up to find the kid what does he do? He eats the poor kids peanut butter crackers. Hey....whoever is in control of the dog control that thing....the kid hasn't eaten in FOUR days and Gandalf just walks in and eats his crackers. Someone smack that dog.



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