Thursday, February 22, 2007

Real World Denver 2/21

This season is definitely and interesting one…much better than last but not nearly as good as the Wes and Melindanny season.
This season boasts 4 real characters and 3 duds.

Davis, Tyree and the Christian black guy (so uninteresting that once he got past that whole….”I don’t like gay people, its wrong, bible is against it…..oh, hey I live with one, he is nice and maybe I was wrong and this experience changed my life in the first week so now I got nothing to add” phase he’s really quite useless). Watching him sit there and vibrate in that massage chair doesn’t really rank on the excito-meter.

Davis is just hanging out with the bf. Ummmm, hey bf….all other mates come and GO. Operative word here is GO. When you are invited to visit its really just to put Davis in the spotlight for an episode so MTV can get their jollies in showing how progressive they are by showing two gay dudes make out and show that a gay guy is a person too with real feelings and a gay guy faces such struggles…..their own mothers don’t even accept them sometimes…….MTV….WE GET IT and we know you will replay the theme next season.

Tyree has just sort of vanished but I had hopes for him

The real characters are priceless though.

Brooke is a certified lunatic. Really….i think she has admitted it but she is NUTS. My real question is “where was that sprained ankle in last night’s episode while she was running down the alley in a fit of rage”? Brooke, NOBODY likes you. I have never seen an episode of real world where someone freaked out and someone else didn’t go try and console them. Brooke flipped out, sat in crying on a street/alley in hysterics and her roommates went to lunch. They WENT TO LUNCH. That’s how they feel about Brooke.

Collie…’s a clue for you…..Ummm Alex’s friend was only telling you all those things about Alex not liking you because you were drunk and he figured he’d get into your pants. This is what guys do……we bad mouth each other to try and get a vulnerable drunk girls mind off one guy and onto our own crotch. Oldest trick in the book….too bad for visitor friend she just ran off to Alex. The visitor friend seemed to play the part of “wishing I never visited” 3rd wheel. He sat on the couch while Collie grinded on Alex and then he sat completely bored at the bar while drunk Alex made out with Jen.

Alex is a guy…..the dude was a swimmer at ASU and isn’t that bad looking. SOOOO…he’s a swimmer…means he has a good body….might mean he has good physical stamina….might mean he’s good in the sack. Combine this with the fact that he’s early 20s and what do you have???? You have a guy who wants laid. Collie… that again….He wants LAID….not love. Get over it.

Meanwhile, Jen and Alex are perfect little fuck-mates. Jen seems like a decently cool party chick that gets drunk and needs a little dick every now and then. Alex just wants laid and neither has any real attachment. Combine with the fact that Jen is a Raiderette and Alex was a swimmer with a good body and you have a perfect pair but it sure is good we have Collie to add the fireworks into the mix cause its gonna get ugly.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck you. you suck ass. Brooke is a goddess.

12/27/2007 10:59 PM  

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