Thursday, February 15, 2007

Real World Denver

I really don’t care whether you are gay or not Davis…gay not gay. BUT I don’t want to see all the making out on TV…CMON MTV…do we have to see THAT MUCH gay dudes making out? There was more making out of the gay guys last night then heterosexual couples all year. We get it we get are MTV, you a changing the views of the world by making it mainstream.....OK enough.

Tyree- Situps….Situps pal.

Brooke – Do you do ANYTHING other than lay around outside getting tan?

Alex – I’m looking forward to you sleeping with Jen again. Its about time. She’s obviously easy and there is no reason you aren’t tapping that again.

Brooke – I can’t wait to see you flip out next week. You are quite a whack job. You really look insane in the upcoming episode. I hope you don’t hit anyone and get kicked off because we need your insanity.

Cast- are you going back to work climbing rock and shit or is that it for the season? You guys do less than the season with Danny, Melinda and everyone’s favorite nut Wes.

It’s not the best season (that goes to the aforementioned Melindanny and Wes) but it sure has its moments.



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