Thursday, February 08, 2007

New Gig - Day 3

Still nothing from the guy in front of me. He's not really mean or grumpy because he talks to some of the other people. Must just not talk to new people who won't be around too long. I even sneezed loud and right at him but go nothing. I'm telling you he is 2 arms lengths away from me in normal sitting position. If he sits back and I lean foward I can give him a "wet willie"...which maybe I should to get his attention.

I can't put his name down here for fear he googles himself some day and I'm the only thing that comes up but his last name is a name that was probably cool in high school. The type of name that when he walked in the door people probably would yell his name out......."hey xxxx". Seems like he might have been an alright guy in his day, just a shame he spends his time asking people if they'd like one bill a year rather than 12.

Anyway, I overheard him telling someone that his kid made Fettucine with Shrimp Scampi, Roasted Asparagus and a salad. He did get his hearty meal.

My boss: Still not sure of him but one thing for sure is that he sure tries to be cool with how he says Bye. Whether I'm walking out of his office, going separate ways after a meeting or getting off the phone with him I always get the "Ba". Its not a "bye" at all......its just a "Ba". I think I knew a few people that did that back in the 80's and he is clearly trying to be cool with it.

There's a guy in the next aisle over who is very large. I walked by his aisle one time, looked down and saw him chomping away at something. I'm going to tally every time I walk by and every time he's eating.



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