Sunday, February 04, 2007

Save Some Suspense

I was watching the Celebrity Fame Game on VH1 the other day and it was time for someone to get kicked off.

Emmanuelle Lewis, Chyna Doll and Bridgette Nielsen were all playing in the game at the end to determine the winner. Chyna and Manny go first and then they build up the suspense for the final player by going to break.

During the commercial they show scenes for next week where you CLEARLY see Chyna and DON'T see Nielsen. I mean cmon....I was waiting to get back to the suspenseful ending to see who loses NOT anymore......its pretty damn obvious who gets booted.

Who is producing this nonsense. This isn't the only show I've seen this occur on, seems every VH1 show has piss poor production. The actual amazing part of this is that I'm surprised.



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