Monday, January 22, 2007

How NOT to Lose Weight

I came across this blog and I just can't resist. I'm not sure its "kosher" to be mocking other blogs in the world of blogs but I don't really care.

You gotta check this out. This woman has a blog about her weight loss. She is trying to lose weight. I read this every week for amusement. EVERY time I read it I have to check the date because I think I'm reading old post but NOPE.....they are new its just that EVERY week she says she needs to start exercising. STOP saying it and just EXERCISE.

She wants to lose weight.......dinner on Sunday Jan 21th was 10 Chicken Nuggets. T-E-N.....thats TEN more than anyone on a diet should be eating. But she only had a 'few french fries' and a Med Dr. Pepper. Something tells me she had a Super Super Size and ate half of them and figures that was just 'a few'. Half a big giant super size is still a medium and also 'a few' more than someone on a diet should eat. Another tip: don't drink soda on a diet unless its DIET soda.

For Breakfast she had 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, 2 pieces of sausage and a couple bites of hashbrown. Don't eat bacon and sausage and then convince yourself you are doing great because you only had a couple bites of hashbrown.

Another tip: IF you are on a diet and decide to log your food intake you know your diet isn't going well if one of your captions is "Late Night & Snacks". This is a horrible sign. Even worse is under that caption rather than writing "celery, carrots, fat free ranch dressing" you write "Bowl of Ice Cream, shirley temple, 1 hot cocoa".

More on Ms. Nichols later. For a real hoot check out her 'trying to get out of debt' blog.



Blogger *B* said...

LOL! thank you soo much for this posting! goodness! this chick needs some serious help! and btw, i LOVE your blog!!!

your 5th reader :-)

1/22/2007 12:48 PM  
Blogger deni said...

Great blog, made me laugh.


People are so od sometimes aren't they?

I really enjoyed your post on American Idol, come on, sure you don't want the white haired freak singing, Hot like me? ROTF

1/24/2007 10:00 PM  

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