Monday, January 22, 2007

American Idol

Ok, Ok.....I tried resisting but just can't. Of course I've least most of it. I mean cmon.....4 hours of horrible singing is a bit much.

First of all to all the people who are mocking Paula....cmon....they aren't going to replace her, THAT'S why we watch. We watch this nonsense....we want to see cracked out Paula, mean Simon and idiots who think they can sing.

One such guy this week was 16....sang "California Dreamin" and the judges liked him. He made it through to Hollywood. I have no problem with him making it through but I'm not sure about the big pimple on his nose. I don't think the judges should allow the pimple in hollywood. That thing was big enough that it should sing itself. It's practically a small child.

Hey white haired freak.....NO...I don't wish my GF was "hot like you". In fact I'm SO happy she is hot just unlike you.



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