Monday, January 08, 2007

You are the one I DON'T, oooo, oooo

Also up on the new season of reality shows.....the dumb search for Sandy and Danny.

Well listen fatty's.....Look at this see this picture.....what do you see? Ok I'll tell you clueless, fat, ugly morons what I see.....I see two reasonably attrative individuals (given the easy there kitty I know what you are thinking)....I see two FIT individuals. I see two individuals with nice hair.

TELL ME......WHAT made you think you were going to be Sandy? IF you way more than 200 pounds stay home. IF your complexion is that of a chia pet.....stay home. IF your dance moves resemble a heroin addict going through withdrawal.....STAY HOME. If your voice sounds like two seals fighting over a fish.....STAY HOME.

IF you meet all four of these criteria EITHER shoot yourself or become a librarian....something...give up your dream of seeing the lights of broadway cause the only way you are going to see those lights is if you by a goddamn ticket. Its called the TKTS booth, its in the middle of times square and thats how you'll get to broadway.



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